AEF Series
Model Capacity Min. Unit Stroke
AEF-1 1kg 10g 10mm
AEF-2 2kg 20g 10mm
AEF-3 3kg 25g 10mm
AEF-5 5kg 50g 10mm
AEF-10 10kg 100g 10mm
AEF-20 20kg 200g 10mm
AEF-30 30kg 250g 10mm
AEF-50 50kg 500g 10mm
ANF Series
Model Capacity Min. Unit Capacity Min. Unit
ANF-10 10N 0.1N 1kg 10g
ANF-20 20N 0.2N 2kg 20g
ANF-30 30N 0.2N 3kg 20g
ANF-50 50N 0.5N 5kg 50g
ANF-100 100N 1N 10kg 100g
ANF-200 200N 2N 20kg 200g
ANF-300 300N 2N 30kg 200g
ANF-500 500N 5N 50kg 500g



Model - 1334F

Model - 1307F

Model - 2553F Digital
The Sampling Table can be Adjusted up/down Manually This Sample Powered Stand has a power feed sampling table up/down This Manual Stand has a sampling table with adjustable y, z axis  

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