Grinding / Polishing Automatic / Specimen Holder
1. The machine is powder painted without toxicity.
2. Precise rotational balance will not deviate even heavily pressed.
3. Steady machine design does not waver during operation.
4. It is designed with double waterproof lids, safe and easy grinding, which makes the workpiece uneasy to fall.
5. The main shaft is anti-leakage designed, which makes running smooth.
6. The replaceable grinding disc can be changed quickly.
7. Double stainless steel water pipes can be adjusted at will.
8. Special O ring rubber design fixed sand paper and polishing flannel prevent press lids from ejection and hurting hands.
Cutting Cold Mounting
Acrylic Resin Series
Sand Paper


No. of discs 2
Grinding Method Manual
Disc diameter 200 250
Rotational speed 0-600rpm
Motor power DC 220V 1 X 250W
Cooling pipe 2 pieces
Machine type Table top
Dimensions 740 X 720 X 350 mm
Power AC 220V 1
Weight 45kg 48kg
Standard accessories
Drain Pipe 1.5M
Small Pipe Clip 2pcs
Water Inlet Pipe 1.5M
Anti-splash Cover 2pcs
Big Pipe Clip 2pcs
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