- The binocular observation tube is inclined to 45, and then it can be rotated 360
- The interpupillary distance is adjustable, adjustable range from 55mm to 75mm
- The left & right observation tube is diopter adjustment


CCD Adapter Eyepieces Additional Objectives


Specification \ Model TP - T6 TP - B6 TP - B2 TP - T2
Body type Column type Column type
Reflected light (12V10W) halogen lamp with reflector cup) and transmitted light (12V10W halogen lamp)
Eyepieces WF10X (Field 22mm)
Objectives Zoom range: 0.7X - 4.5X
Total magnification 7X - 45X
Working distance 90mm
Eyepieces: WF15X, WF20X, WF25X, 10X (divisional). Additional objectives: 0.5X, 0.75X, 1.5X, 2X, 1X CCD adapter.
Illumination device: 8W fluorescence lamp 220V/110V optional.

Metallurgical Microscope
Reflected Light and Transmitted Light Microscope


Model TP-2030A series the reflected light and transmitted light microscope is suitable to observe the microscopical surfaces of non-transparent object or transparent object. It is equipped with vertical illuminator, plan achromatic objectives and wide-field eyepieces. It provides clear and high-contrast image, and with polarizer device. It is the ideal instrument in research work in metallography, mineralogy, precision engineering, electronics etc. It's suitable for scientific research, teaching demonstration in the colleges and factory.

Component & Specification
Eyepieces Wide Field WF 10X (18mm)
Objectives Plan Achromatic

No Cover Glass
Magnification / numerical aperture Working Distance
PL5X/0.12 18.3
PLL10X/0.25 8.9
PLL20X/0.40 8.7
PLL50X/0.70 2.02
Nosepiece Backward Inner locaing
on ball bearing
4 Quadruple
Illumination unit Vertical illumination 6V 20W halogen lamp, adjustable brightness

with polarize

Transmitted illumination 6V 20W halogen lamp, adjustable brightness
BK Series
Biological Microscope

- Inside Koehler Illumination
- Infinity Optical System
Items Specification
Eyepiece WF 10X-18 mm
Achromatic Objectives 4X/0.10
40X/0.65 (S)
100X/1.25 (Oil) (S)
Seidentopf Binocular Head Inclined 30˚, Rotatable 360˚, Interpupilary Distance:50-75mm
Nosepiece Quadplex
Mechanical Stage
(Size: 190mmX140mm)
Travel: 78mmX55mm,
Coaxial Coarse Fine Focusing Knobs
Condenser Abbe N.A. 1.25 (Iris Diaphragm)
Koehler Illumination System 6V/20W Halogen Lamp(G4)
Filter Blue
Fluorescence, Phase Contrast, Dark Field, Polarize And Incident Accessories Are Optional.

Packing Size: 540mm x 285mm x 385mm
Gross Weight: 12kgs       Net Weight: 10kgs
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